Casstudio specializes in architectural 2d and 3d visualization for work, living and leisure purposes.

Next to high quality in 2d, 3d Visualization and rendering, for interiors and exteriors, we deliver different services to support your marketing activities.  High standards on quality and process control to competitive prices, are fundamentals of our increasing success.

When you’re working in a competitive industry such as real estate, you need to maximise every possible competitive advantage you can to succeed.


For many years simulations have been widely and effectively used to represent building plans, production processes and scenes in a movie among other objects. Architects, engineers and designers use the art of visualization to display object features to help their audience understand the final object, make improvements on their work and to minimise costs of changes and reparations during the implementation of their design. Modern technology and various innovations have given a great lift to the design and construction industry by enabling engineers and designers to come up with a 3-Dimension – 3D representation of buildings and other designable objects with a precise description of features such as material, colour, lighting and texture. Today architectural 3D rendering is used to change a building design and demonstrate original design idea, and future project showing exactly how the end building will look like.


Our company offers creative architectural 3D rendering services that help architects and property developers to display their design with flare and creatively.

3d architectural rendering of modern dining and living room

Starting from 2008 we become trusted provider of High Quality 2d and 3d architectural visualization. In every project we are implementing knowledge and experience, and offer solutions adjusted to customer’s needs. Our job is to facilitate complex design and decision making processes with powerful results in different segments of living, work and leisure. Therefore we merely think one step ahead in the marketing to get people interested in your space and sphere solutions. Especially in 2D floor plans, prospects are not fully aware of the space dimensions and possibilities of the property in the surrounding landscape. Via our vibrant solutions we hope to inspire them to experience your offer.

We create high quality architectural 3d visualization:
3d Interior visualization
3d exterior visualization
3d walkthrough animations
3d panorama with 3d Virtual reality
We are converting old floor plans and handmade plans in attractive 2d and 3d floor plans.
Also we are creating sun/shadow simulation2d and 3d shadow diagrams

Considering that almost all property searches starts online, we tend to bring listing closer to potential buyers, by offering different type of tools, that will help in the real estate marketing process.

3d shadow diagram

Apartments and villas are of the same importance to us as office buildings and shopping centers, as well as gymnasiums, restaurants, social areas and recreational facilities to make your customers eager to be part of it. We work for real estate agents, brokers, architects, property developers as well as interior designers and landscape architects, but also for private customers, governmental bodies and entrepreneurs of leisure activities. We would be delighted to welcome you as a client.


Developing new technologies involves and real estate marketing, architecture, property development. Casstudio always following new trends in the real estate and property development marketing.  We are developing new tools and always tend to stay ahead of the competition.

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