Casstudio offers 2d and 3d Visualization prices acceptable to our customers

and always keep the best quality.


Our 2d and 3d visualization prices starts at EUR 27.00 (USD 32.00) for 3d. For 2d prices starts at EUR 15.00 (USD 18.00)


2d / 3d Visualization type

Prices in EUR

Prices in USD

3d Floor Planfrom  EUR  27.00from USD 32.00
2d Floor Planfrom  EUR  15.00from USD 18.00
3d Interiorfrom  EUR  120.00from USD 145.00
3d Exteriorfrom  EUR  220.00from USD 265.00
2d Shadow diagram  / Shadow Studyfrom  EUR  80.00from USD 96.00
3d Shadow diagram / Shadow Studyfrom  EUR  120.00from USD 145.00
3d panorama Virtual reality (VR)from  EUR  180.00from USD 216.00
3d Walk-through animationfrom EUR 18.00 / per secondfrom USD 22.00  / per second


Our team is fully prepared to accept your new challenge!  We are aware that customizing is essential for working on an international bases, in different countries and with customers with various backgrounds and specific approaches.

High standards on quality and process control to competitive prices are fundamentals of our increasing success.


Please visit our gallery with examples of our work:


Inform us by email: or via contact form below, about your preferred type of design as well as eventually additional information you want to share with us.
We will be happy to provide you with a free quote for any of our services. Within a few hours we will inform you about the time our team needs to meet your requests as well as about the price we will charge you.