Daring Designers



Cas Studio is founded in 2008 by Gligor Nedelkoski. Various talented architects and designers from different nature and culture work in our team. We specialize in 2d and 3d architectural rendering for living, work and leisure purposes. Apartments and villas are of the same importance to us as simple or complex office buildings and shopping centers. The enormous wealth in facilities for leisure, ranging from gymnasiums to restaurants and from social areas to recreational facilities challenges our experienced professionals to touch a wide variety of emotions. Our philosophy is to stay always one step ahead in the marketing of attracting people for our customers. That is why from the start we became a trusted provider for 2D and 3D architectural visualizations and upgrades in walkthroughs and 360 panoramas. From the beginning we work on an international scale with an emphasis on the Swiss market. Thanks to our high quality of design and the full focus on servicing our customers to the utmost and of course within time completion, we became a beloved co-maker. The presence of state of the art neighbor-companies in the field of IT developments and advanced creative technologies are very helpful. The acknowledgements of our customers keep us in the right spirit.




We want to inspire Wow! effects with our customers.


Working on an international scale with different cultures and backgrounds, we believe that inspiration can be customized. Our team is prepared to accept your new challenge! We are aware that customizing is essential for working on an international bases, in different countries and with customers with various backgrounds and specific approaches. High standards on quality and process control to competitive prices are fundamentals of our increasing success.