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We deliver a relax way to explore the experience

We act in various fields of architectural visualization and we specialize in fulfilling the needs of our different types of clients. Whether you operate as an architect, developer, building society, property owner, marketing firm, real estate corporation, investment company, landscaper, leisure industry etc. we find the right solutions for your rendering requests. Our work is related to architectural objects for living, work and leisure purposes. The purposes of the different buildings or objects within those segments differentiate enormously: residential buildings, houses, offices, banks, malls, shopping centers, swimming pools, golf courses, etc. etc… Our experience to collaborate is on an international basis.

Cas studio’s knowledgeable team is fully prepared to answer any challenges.

Unconditioned living is exceptional


People don’t always realize that their home is the most frequented place in their lifetime. People most of the day are spending in their homes. Some people even consider their home as their castle. Living properties are important segment of any town, village, settlement etc…Residential properties, apartments, houses are one part of living properties in which we are seriously focusing  regardless of their view, style, size, environment etc… Personal touches and styling aspects may be therefore essential to be highlighted in the design. Our team of designers translates 2D plans in 3D floor plans, 3D interiors and exteriors, 3D animation and 360 Panoramas.

Creating architectural visualization for us means real challenge. Regardless that we are working 3d floor plan, 3d interior or exterior and 3d animation, Cas studio has very professional and serious focus. During the creation process we have a goal, to merge customer’s and our idea in an excellent final solution. In the creation process of visualizations we are trying to input some emotional note, that can give to the residential property a needed warmness.

Working ambiance essential for stimulating productivity ….and enthousiasm!

Offices, business centers, banks, governmental buildings, courts, schools and fairs are only few of the properties that are covered here. Professionals shape those buildings, and those buildings also shape experiences and emotions of the working force and visitors. Of course, functionalities are essential; starting in the exterior and via the entrance/reception to the various floors. Working structures and facilities are of the same importance in our design processes as equipment and furniture. The style of the building, equipment, furniture, habits of the people are also important for us and we are implementing them in our visualizations. After thoroughly listening to and detailing the various goals of the customer, we start our design process. Next to the individual wishes, we are also guided by the local architectural and construction standards of the area where the current property belongs to.

Dynamics of leisure are being re-invented

Leisure is becoming more and more an essential part of our living habits. Therefore   more and more investments are made to fulfill new possibilities to relax and calm down. Open air and indoor activities are sometimes stand alone propositions but also offered in combination with e.g. shopping centers, sport arenas.In the marketing of same, eyestriking designs (sometimes highlighting specific elements in pop ups) are essential to present the envisaged thrill. Our professionals will be pleased to welcome your challenges to these growing free time developments.