How to wow and win customers for real estate projects

Our job is to facilitate complex design and decision making processes with powerful results in different segments of living, work and leisure. Therefore we merely think one step ahead in the marketing to get people interested in your space and sphere solutions. Especially in 2D plans, prospects are not fully aware of the space dimensions and possibilities of the property in the surrounding landscape. Via our vibrant solutions we hope to inspire them to experience your offer.
Our unique workflow system is designed in such a way that communication between our customers and the Cas Studio team is easily facilitated:

  1. Inform us by email:, about your preferred type of design as well as eventually additional information you want to share with us.
  2. Send us your drawings (dwg, pln, jpg tif, etc…) or handmade sketches as well as your desired details in the design and additional elements. Also the desired quality (a.o type of resolution, format) and final type of product for usage (genre such as at website, DVD, in print etc.) can be part of it. Information about your deadlines is welcomed
  3. We will be happy to provide you with a free quote for any of our services. Within a few hours we will inform you about the time our team needs to meet your requests as well as about the price we will charge you. The price includes 2 previews for your eventual adoptions and your quality control. Also the control of modeling, texturing, light setting and your requested additional elements
  4. We will start the process of creating either 2D or 3D or if preferred a walkthrough animation or 360 panorama. By doing so, we will meet the deadlines for completion in the time schedule we agreed upon.
  5. After your agreement of the previews, we will deliver the final design within 24 hours. The final product can also be delivered for usage on websites, DVD’s, videos and in printing.