Using 3D visualizations and 2d and 3d floor plans for real estate marketing purposes


When you’re working in a competitive industry such as real estate, you need to maximize every possible competitive advantage you can to succeed.


No longer is it the norm to just display a few photos, or some sexy-sounding copy, as today’s customers have high expectations. Your clients are looking for more of an experience, where they can actually visualize the property and options that are available.


This is where three dimensional (3D) visualizations and two or three dimensional floor plans really will help your real estate marketing purposes.


Imagine if you were looking to buy real estate, and a realtor or estate agent could actually take you on a virtual tour of your prospective new house. Wouldn’t that be more impressive?


Wouldn’t it make you more engaged and entranced, knowing that you can actually see the house of your dreams literally unfold in front of you to explore?


With 3D floor plans, a potential customer can actually feel the essence of a home and how it looks, rather than imagining. 3D floor plans actually inspire future homeowners to start planning their home, which makes them more amenable to buy!


Of course, 2D floor plans are also very helpful, but they require a little more interpretation on the client’s side to visualise, as not all are technically minded. With the added benefits of a 3D floor plan, the style of a home is far more visual and accessible, which suggests furnishing and decorating ideas also. What better way to sell a house to a client than to show them what they can do with it, and have them planning how they will decorate it as soon as they see the 3D floor plans?


With 3D visualizations, an added layer of inspiration is added to the customer experience.  Not only can the client now see different perspectives of their ideal home, but they actually feel like they can explore it from almost every angle!


As if the artistic aspect is not sufficient to inspire realtors and estate agents to invest in 3D visualizations and 2D/3D floor plans, how about some analytics? Homeowner magazines and websites often run statistics showing high quality floor plans generate far more leads than conventional listings.


So if you’re thinking about using 3D visualizations and 2D and 3D floor plans for real estate marketing purposes, then it’s clear that you can expect a boost in sales.


Not only will clients love to explore the technology, but by you also investing in floor plans and visualizations, it speaks volumes about how seriously you take your real